Netczuk Family Club
    Site of an informal association, uniting descendants of two large branches of the Netczuk Family - Podlashian (western), which took place in Volhynia, settled about 1574 in Miedzyrzec and spread mainly in Poland, USA and Argentina - and also Volhynian (eastern), spread mainly on Ukraine, in Russia, Canada and USA. Activity of the Club is conduction of genealogical researches, popularization of knowledge about our ancestors and also integration of all family members.

Netczk Family Club Group
   A forum started in 2006 soon after I Family Reunion. Currently its function has been taken over by the Netczuk Family Club Group on Facebook. Our Group is the interactive platform of communication for our family. New genealogical materials are published there, including full trees and reports from reunions, trips and family meetings, available only to registered Netczuks. Therefore, we invite you to register to the Netczuk Family Club Group to enjoy access to all of all our resources.  

Netczk Family Tree
    Site about genealogy of Netczuk Family, its Podlashian (western), Volhynian (eastern) Branches, and also about their descendants spread all over the world. Descendants of this oldruthenian family, that took place in XVI century in Volhynia, today Ukraine, live presently in Poland, on Ukraine, in Russia, England, USA, Canada, Argentina, Sweden, probably also in Kazakhstan. Site describes also history of domestic residences, genealogy of related families.

Międzyrzec Podlaski - my beginning
    Site about Miedzyrzec constructed now with materials, tha were collected by its author to his diploma thesis: "Miedzirzec Podlaski - vivified places". M.A. thesis was defenden in June, 2009, at the Department of Architecture, Wroclaw University of Technology. Main subject of the site is architecture, spatial acquisition and urban development of the city. Site will be also addition to Netczuk Family Tree as graphic presentation of settler processes that shaped present structure of Miedzyrzec Podlaski. It will also give to our members acces to Międzyrzec historical iconography.

Netczuk - a Family Apiary
    The site is owned by bee-keeper Tadeusz Netczuk. His apiary was founded in 1970 in Wroclaw, Brochow. In 1998 the owner bought Mrs Wanda Mikrut's Apiary in Przemilow near Sobotka town - 38 km from Wroclaw. Due to this fact his apiary doubled its size. In 1999 both apiaries, Przemilow and Wroclaw, were matched together and moved to Księginice Male next to Przemilow to private lot land. For 12 years Tadeusz Netczuk's Apiary has been giving to us, our family and clients best ecological bee products produced in the Silesian Landescape Park. 

Architect Łukasz Netczuk's site
    Site of M.A. Eng. Architect Lukasz Netczuk graduate 2009 from Wroclaw University of Technology. The site presents author's personal interests: architecture, urban planning, spatial planning, revitalisation of urban and architectural spaces, history of architecture, history of Poland, slavonic languages, genealogy, gardening and classical music. It's being built due to owners speare time. The construction of its graphic part is still in progress.

Karniszyn - former town
    Site is about history of Karniszyn upon Luta Stream, its under construction now. Village is situated in urban-rural borough of Biezhun, district of Zhuromin, Masovia voivodeship, medieval Zawkrze District. Today village, in years 1530 - 1665 a city founded under German law with castle, erly medieval settlement, great potential and patronage of famous families, outmaneuvering nearby city Biezhun. On the site there will be materials, collected while long-term genealogical researches, together with genealogies of old and present karniszyn inhabitants - Czyzyk, Witkowski, Puszcz and other families.